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hoist drums and pulleys

Technical regulations for inspection of hoist drums and pulleys

electric hoist rope

1, the height of both sides of the reel should be more than the outermost wire rope, the value should not be less than 2 times the diameter of the wire rope;

2, the reel on the rope at the end of the fixed device, should be anti-loose or self-tightening performance;

3, pulley groove should be smooth and smooth, there should be no damage to the wire rope defects;

4, the pulley should be to prevent the rope out of the groove device;

5, when the reel and pulley in one of the following circumstances should be scrapped:

1) crack or rim damage;

2) the volume of the reel wall to reach the original wall thickness of 10%;

3) Slip groove uneven wear up to 3mm;

4) Sliding rope groove wall thickness of the amount of wear to the original wall thickness of 20%;

5) The wear of the pulley groove bottom exceeds 25% of the diameter of the corresponding wire rope;

6) other defects that can damage the wire rope.

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