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Bridge Crane Cost

LD type single girder Bridge Crane Cost, The features are as following:

  1. Simple and reasonable structure, high rigidity.
  2. Good craftwork, convenient manufacturing, Strong versatility.
  3. Small size, work class is not very high.
  4. It has constant speed and variable frequency speed regulation, stable travelling.
  5. User can choose according to different requirements.
  6. Designed and made according to JB/T 1306 Electric Single-girder Crane.
  7. The matched electric hoists have CD1 model, MD1 model, etc.
  8. It is a light & small lifting equipment with running on rail.
  9. Hoisting goods in the factory, warehouse, stockyard.
  10. Banned to use in such dangerous environment as easily combustible, explosive.


Bridge Crane Cost
Bridge Crane Cost

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Parameters single girder overhead bridge crane
Lifting Capacity 3Ton
Lifting Height 3m-31.5m
Span 3m-31.5m
Control Methord Remote control, pendent, cabin
Speed Designed
Main Components Mechanism part, (metal structure and crane travelling parts), electric hoist(lifting mechanism), electrical equipments(safe protection, operation), etc.
 Ambient Temperature -25℃~+40℃
Electric Protection Systems Short circuit protection, Voltage-loss protection, Emergency power switch, Overload limiter, Position limiter, Zero position and interlock protection, Three-phase fault & voltage fault protection, Ground protection, etc.
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