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Analysis wind resistance of over head crane

Analysis wind resistance of over head crane

Bridge Crane hook

  1. Wind resistance problem of crane

It is an important problem of the wind resistance of crane in the design of crane equipment, relevant safety codes and regulations, the specific provisions of the crane shall have the wind resistance of safety facilities. However, the large port crane wind damage accidents often occur, serious several cranes all collapsed into the sea. In the face of the accident, there is reason to doubt the correctness of the original rules and theories, Even if put forward new theories, new wind resistance device, is understandable. However, it is more beneficial to analyze of cause accident carefully and objectively, to find the common ground of the accident, to solve the problem scientifically and thoroughly.

  1. Common points about wind resistant accidents of crane

What is the common point of the accident?  About the wind quantitative are very fuzzy, Confused people have suggested that wind damage to the scene of the wind, not the general wind, but squall line winds, there are also said to be a kind of tornado wind, the wind seems to be specialized in crane, even near trees, buildings, but it can survive, is a bit odd.

The common point of the accident is that all the cranes in the lifting equipment are turned over by the wind, and all of them have gone through the sliding process before the overturn.

Analysis of crane brake failure

The brake is an important safety component of the bridge crane equipment, which has the function of preventing the hanging object from falling and realizing the parking, Only the perfect brake can guarantee the accuracy and safety of the crane, The crane brake will appear insufficient braking power, brake suddenly failure, brake wheel and brake pad high temperature smoke, the brake arm does not open. To analyze the causes of these mechanical failures are as follows:

  1. Brake belt or brake wheel wear too much; Brake with a small part of the local off; Main spring loose; Between the brake band and brake wheel oil dirties; Activities outside the hinge have binding of place or excessive wear parts; Lock nut loose the whole bar; Hydraulic push rod brake device of the impeller rotation is not flexible.
  2. Brake pads is serious or large fall off, or long stroke electromagnet stuck, main spring failure, or damage brake of the main part
  3. the gap between Brake and gasket is too big or too small
  4. When the hinge is stuck or the brake torque is too large, The oil pressure in the oil cylinder of the hydraulic push rod brake cylinder is mixed with air, or hydraulic push rod brake using grease does not conform to the requirements, or braking and brake wheel with dirt.
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