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Analysis on the Problem of Bridge crane hoist

  1. Whether the hoist motor resistance wiring error will appear such a problem?
  2. Calculated the tonnage of the Electric hoist is generally used 3.7KW motor, but the scene that the master before they hoist 2.2KW motor main hook hanging 15T heavy hoist still go normal, I am not sure whether is the motor too Small.

Some other suggestions on these problems:

1, “Look at your rotor resistance in series, a group of taps, measuring the resistance value, and then check the cam, the speed of each gear is not in accordance with the order of the cam short cut resistors.” This proposal is good;

2, the resistance is not the bigger the better, nor is the smaller the better, to be appropriate;

3, you can check the motor current, compared with the rated current, in the 1-3 times the range is good!

4, hoist motor windings connected to the resistance wiring problem, in fact, wiring is also very simple, may wish to re-check again;

5, the hoist motor itself, such as the rotor set ring contact is good, whether the wear is too large hoist bon brush, spring pressure is appropriate;

Is there any abnormality in the startup process, the sound is too large, the motor overheats, some over-current relay trips, and the circuit-breaker trips?

Choose the best solution, hope that these suggestions can help you.

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