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3 Ton Electric Hoist

What are the requirements of 3 Ton Electric Hoist to I-beam?

3 Ton Electric Hoist is one of the most popular types of wire rope electric hoist, 3 tons electric hoist to finish walking up and down or so, is the demand with the running trolley, and I beam path is the “path” of running trolley.

CD electric hoist

I  steel track request anti removal method, firm and reliable. 3 Tons Electric Hoist move back and forth on the beams, the two ends of the trajectory will demand with iron, to avoid the wrong operation make the gourd derailment. It is best at the two ends of the beams trajectory is equivalent to the height of the shaft, have a strong elastic buffer or equipped with rubber damper. And i-steel trajectory shouldn’t be out of the outdoor, if it is a demand, held out some to the rainproof equipment. The I-beam track requires a ground wire that meets the request.

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