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Semi Portal Crane

Safety requirements for Semi Portal Crane

Gantry cranes can be divided into gantry cranes, Semi Portal Crane and double cantilevered gantry cranes. Semi Portal Cranes is a lifting device with high or low level and can be determined according to the construction requirements of the site. With the increasing use of cranes, crane safety is also increasingly important.

semi gantry crane

What are the requirements for safe operation of Semi Portal Cranes?

1, Semi Portal Crane operation when the general safety requirements

A, command signal should be clear, and meet the requirements;

B, hanging, hanging between the angle between the lanyard should be less than 120 degrees, so that the hanging rope is too large force;

C, rope, chain through the edges and corners should be added pad;

D, the command of the object flip, it should make its center of gravity smooth changes, should not produce instructions outside the action;

E, into the suspended weight below, should first contact with the driver and set up a straight support device;

F, when many people tied, should be responsible for a person command.

2, safety inspection and inspection cycle requirements

(1), the following circumstances should be semi portal crane according to the relevant standards:

A, the normal working Semi Portal Cranes, once every two years;

B, after overhaul, newly installed and modified semi portal crane , before delivery;

C, Semi Portal Cranes that are idle for more than one year before re-use;

D, after storms, earthquakes and major accidents, may cause strength, stiffness, component stability and the importance of institutions such as damage to the Semi Portal Cranes.

(2), heavy work, the environment is bad, the regular inspection cycle shall not be less than once a month, regular inspection cycle shall not be less than once a year.

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