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Wire rope electric hoist type

Wire rope electric hoist type

CD electric hoist

Wire rope electric hoist components are: motor, transmission, reel and wire rope. The different positions of the motor and the drum can be divided into four types.


(1) motor shaft perpendicular to the drum axis of the electric hoist with worm gear, the width of the size of large, bulky structure, low mechanical efficiency, processing more difficult. There are no manufacturers to produce this type of structure of the product.

(2) motor shaft parallel to the drum axis of the electric hoist, the advantages of height and length of small size. The shortcomings of the width size is large, grouping, manufacturing and assembly complex. The track radius is large.

(3) motor installed in the reel inside the electric hoist, the advantages of small size, compact structure. The main drawback is the motor cooling conditions are poor, poor grouping, inspection, installation, maintenance of motor inconvenience, power supply device complex.

(4) motor installed in the drum outside the electric hoist, the advantages of good grouping, a high degree of generalization, change the height of lifting easy, easy installation and maintenance. Its shortcomings are: length size.

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