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The structure of bridge crane

The structure of bridge crane

The structure of bridge crane

  1. Bridge crane consists of bridge, trolley, cart with hoisting mechanism operation and control room, etc. Bridge is the basic component of bridge crane, the main beam, end beam and other parts. Also called cart. The main girder span is over the workshop, and both ends are connected with end beams. The main beam is equipped with a walking table and a safety railing.

The bridge is equipped with the transitional mechanism, electrical box, hoisting mechanism, trolley running track and auxiliary slide wire rack. To the end of the bridge equipped with cab. On the other side is equipped with introducing the power of the main sliding line.

  1. The transitional mechanism comprises a driving motor, brake, drive shaft, reducer and wheel etc. There are two driving modes: centralized drive and separately drive. At present, China’s production of most of the bridge crane adapt separately drive, it has the advantages of light weight, convenient maintenance and installation. The whole crane is driven by a cart moving mechanism, Move back and forth along the length direction of the workshop. The trolley running mechanism is composed of a small frame, car mobile mechanism and a lifting mechanism.
  2. The small frame is welded by a steel plate, equipped with a trolley moving mechanism, a lifting mechanism, a handrail and a lifting limit switch.

The trolley along the bridge to the main track and move around. On both sides of the trolley movement direction is equipped with buffer and limit switch.

The trolley moving mechanism is composed of motor, reducer, drum, brake and other components. After the motor is decelerated, the driving wheel is driven to move the trolley.

The lifting mechanism is composed of an electric motor, a reducer, a winding drum, a brake, etc. the lifting motor is connected with the reducer through a brake wheel, and the output shaft of the reducer is connected with the lifting drum.

The structure of hoist

  1. Control room is to manipulate crane pod, also called the cab. Manipulation of indoor have big, trolley migration control organization, Hoisting mechanism control device and crane protection device, etc. The control room is generally fixed on the girder end, There are a few installed at the bottom of the trolley with the trolley moving. Above the control room has the hatch, The cart and the trolley mechanical and electrical equipment for overhaul personnel with up and down.
  2. Trolley electric devices (auxiliary slide line)
  3. Crane general supply conductive device (main slide line)
  4. AC magnetic control box, resistance box
  5. Rails
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