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wheeled cranes

Inspection regulations for wheeled cranes

Mobile Gantry Crane

1, the use of power, the pump power transmission crane, power transmission and separation should be smooth and effective; pump work should not have abnormal sound.

2, before the operation should be out of the legs, to confirm the bearing capacity of the foundation in the foot under the foot of the square wood to ensure that the frame mounted on the rotation support plane in a horizontal state, the tilt should not be greater than 0.5%.

3, the main work performance should reach the machine rating.

4, travel agencies should be consistent with one-step requirements:

1) steering should be light and flexible, should not have block; steering wheel free rotation should not be greater than 30 °;

2) knuckle and arm, turn the vertical and horizontal bar should not have cracks, damage, the ball should not be loose;

3) Tires shall comply with the provisions of Article 4.5.3 of these Rules;

4) Brakes should be reliable and effective, should not be deviated; imprint, drag should be consistent with the provisions of inspection; brake pedal free travel should be consistent with the car instructions.

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