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Precautions for use of warehouse overhead cranes

Hoist Bridge Crane

The overhead crane is above the horizontal plane in the workshop, warehouse and open dumps, used for hoisting machinery and equipment of various objects, often called “crane” or “driving”. It is most widely used in mechanical industry, metallurgy industry and chemical industry application of a kind of hoisting machinery. In the modern industrial enterprises, it is one of the important equipment to realize the mechanization and automation of the production process, reduce the heavy manual labor and improve the production efficiency. The use of the overhead crane should pay attention to the following safety matters:

  1. Driving must be in a normal state, especially safety devices, such as brake agencies, sound and light, signals, interlocks, etc. must be sensitive and intact.
  2. The operation of the operator to focus on the first flight before the idling, and then lifting, hanging from the ground 100 ~ 150mms If the lifting material is not tightly tied, should be re-tied. The drive should be issued before the signal bell; hanging things not from the head over, the crane started, is strictly prohibited repair, inspection, refueling and wiping the machine parts, found in the operation must immediately stop the failure.
  3. When the work is terminated, the crane should be parked on the parking line, the hook up in place, hooks can not hang heavy objects. Put all the controller, joystick on the zero, and pull the power switch, lock the cab door.
  4. Overhead cranes must be equipped with reliable and sensitive safety devices. Generally equipped with a buffer, limiter (stroke limiter, lifting limiter), lifting limiter, wind clamp and so on.
  5. Crane all live parts of the shell, should be reliable grounding, in order to avoid accidental electric shock accident occurred. Car track is not welded to the main beam, it should also take the welding ground, down transformer should be required in the low side of the ground.
  6. The overhead crane shall not be lifted in the following cases:

(1) no command or command signal is not correct.

(2) The vehicle is defective or the safety device is malfunctioning.

(3) Overload lifting or equipment quality is not clear.

(4) people standing on the lifting material or lifting objects, hanging with a crane hook.

(5) light dark, depending on the material is unclear.

(6) lifting objects with sharp edges or oblique tilt mention, did not take security measures.

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