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Trolley Bridge Crane

The Use and Improvement of Safe Trolley Line for Bridge Crane


Safety trolley line is a new type of mobile power supply device, with its insulation, safety, temperature, vibration, energy saving and other superior performance gradually replace the old naked angle iron and copper slip line. The safety trolley line is made of a smooth flattened T2 copper row or an aluminum profile with a wear-resistant conductor embedded in an engineering plastic tube or trough plate as a carrier fluid, combined into a duct for opening under the conduit for the collector Running, and by the collector of high wear-resistant copper-based graphite brush electric power to work electrical appliances.

A plant assembly workshop 3 bridge cranes in the plant in advance of the trial of a safe trolley line for the workshop to bring a safe, but there are shortcomings, bridge crane in the use of easy power, and sometimes in the transmission pipe sparks, Serious slip touch line a blasting “, resulting in replacement of the collector is too frequent, affecting production.

To this end, the following improvements were made:

(1) increase the collector brush chamfering, and polished smooth;

(2) to increase the collector between the two brush between the spring strength, flexibility, to ensure that the spring to restore ease;

(3) deepened. Reinforcement of the spring in the collector, to ensure that the brush recovery spring in the work is not easy “string”;

(4) two sections of safety slip contact cable to connect the block to have a chamfer to ensure a smooth transition of the collector. At the same time, in order to ensure the normal use of safe trolley line, the normal operation of the workers, maintenance workers on a regular basis, regular inspection is also essential.

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