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The type of gantry crane

The type of gantry crane

The gantry crane is called bridge crane also, It is suitable for outdoor goods, material goods, bulk cargo handling site. Gantry crane is named for its appearance as part of the door shaped metal structure, with two legs mounted on the bearing main beam, can walk on the ground track.

The crane space has high utilization rate, large working area, superior adaptability, strong versatility and other advantages, it is widely used in port loading and unloading of goods yard.

According to different forms, can be divided into different categories of door type crane, the following introduces including several gantry crane classification and the classification of each form.

According to the classification of frame structure:

  1. The gantry crane: no overhanging function on main girder, the car can run in the main span.
  2. Gantry Traveling Cranesemi-gantry-crane
  3. Semi gantry crane: both ends of the leg height is not the same, according to the actual use of the site
  4. Double cantilever gantry crane: this is the most common type of gantry crane, the force and the area of effective utilization rate is higher.
  5. gantry-cranesingle girder gantry crane
  6. Single cantilever gantry crane: site conditions and selection

According to the classification of main girder:

  1. Single main beam: the model has the advantages of simple structure, convenient assembly and disassembly, light weight, the general bias rail box frame structure, but some weaker than double beam crane adapt stiffness.
  2. Double main beam: the models of heavy loads, large span, good stability, rich variety, single girder gantry crane weight than the rated load of the same, but the cost is higher.
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