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The safety device for gantry crane

The safety device for gantry crane


Gantry crane safety devices is refers to the gantry crane in work run and ensure the safety protection device, In the gantry crane operation is abnormal, a series of failure or even dangerous situations, can timely alarm and indication signal, make its rapid processing or automatic stop. In order to prevent damage of gantry crane accident, damage to the equipment influence production and endanger worker safety. Therefore, it is indispensable to design and installation of the corresponding safety protection device.

Gantry crane is the most common safety device are lifting weight overload limiter, rising limit position limiter, running limit position limiter, skew adjustment device, buffer, wind up device, clamp rail, anchor device, speed switch, etc

These are safety devices of crane, but none of these safety is not guaranteed, so the above safety device is currently the gantry crane must assemble parts, in the above safety device shall not be missing or damaged cases, continue to work.

Gantry crane belongs to heavy machinery and equipment, to a certain workplace can bring a lot of convenience for people, also increased a lot of work efficiency. But the work safety is a prerequisite for the equipment operation is the most basic conditions, So gantry crane safety devices must be installed, and checked regularly. If some parts are found damaged, it is necessary to repair or replace them in time, shall not be under the condition of the safety device failure to continue working operation of the equipment.

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