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How to use the electric hoist

How to use the electric hoist

CD Model Electric Hoists

The safe use of electric hoist can not only avoid the happening of the risk, also can prolong the service life of electric hoist, So when we in the use of electric hoist, it is necessary to pay attention to safe use.

  1. Before starting check the hoist equipment mechanical, electrical, wire rope, lifting clamp, limiter, etc are in good condition and reliable.
  2. Not overload lifting. When lifting hands are not allowed to be held between the rope and objects.
  3. When the electric hoist lifting objects, must follow the link rigger safety operation procedures. Banding should be strong, should be set in the object’s Angle gaps liner protection.
  4. Use the trailer line electrical switch starting insulation must be good. Press the button right, pay attention to the standing position during operation.
  5. Electric monorail hoist in orbit or near the corner at the end of the track, must slow down operation.
  6. Electric hoist must have the specialist operations, Strictly abide by the relevant crane driver operation procedures
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