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The maintenance of wire rope for Gantry Crane

The maintenance of wire rope for Gantry Crane

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In the course of daily use follow the strict requirements of wire rope for Gantry Crane

  1. The wire rope should be correctly opened. The wire rope decoiling, To avoid the wire rope kink, Strength decrease along with the bad. Wire rope tied tightly to prevent loose when you cut off.
  2. Wire rope shall not overload use, is not able to work under the impact load, work speed should be stable.
  3. It is strictly prohibited contact with the wire and cable, to avoid being destroyed or get an electric shock. Close to the high temperature object, insulation measures should be taken.
  4. Wire rope in use should be avoided kink, once the kink, shall be immediately shake up straight. Should minimize bending frequency in use, and try to avoid reverse bending.
  5. Wire rope should prevent wear, corrosion or other physical conditions, the performance degradation caused by chemical conditions. Lifting wire rope and hot metal melting operation, to prevent the high temperature damage measures.
  6. Before use to choose appropriate diameter of wire rope according to usage; In use process, often should check the load capacity and damage; After using timely maintenance and stored properly.
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