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The four elements of overhead crane operation

In the long-term production practice, according to the lessons learned from success and failure test, Have worked out a lifting operation of the basic law – lifting operations four elements, namely: engaged in lifting operations personnel, before lifting operations, Must be familiar with the operating environment, understanding the shape and structure of heavy objects, and grasp the weight of the weight, the correct allocation of the lifting tools and equipment. The reason why called the four elements, is that four aspects of the lifting operation is indispensable, even if only one aspect of doing well, it will make lifting operations lose the basis of safety and efficiency.

1, familiar with the operating environment

Whether the hoisting machine guide pulley rooting point is solid and reliable? Indoor hoisting whether there are sufficient conditions? Has hoisting equipment plant height width of the width of the size of the master ? Pile rooting site bearing Whether the pressure of the pull is reliable and solid? Whether there is a set of space or a drop of obstacles in the space around the hoisting objects? A person stand in the upper hand or under the wind and so on. In the actual operation, if there is a little negligence, it is possible to cause accidents.

2, Understand the shape and structure of heavy objects

Understand the shape and structure of the heavy objects, the purpose  is to grasp the center of gravity of the work, the right to choose lifting points to ensure that the heavy objects from damage in the actual lifting handling operations, will encounter a variety of Different shapes, different structures of the weight. Each lifting handling must be in accordance with its shape, structure, using the appropriate lifting handling method, otherwise it will lead to accidents. In understanding the shape and size of the work and its characteristics, but also to understand its internal structure, to prevent only look at the surface is not stone in essence, wrong to determine the overhead crane hanging point and cause the accident.

3, grasp the weight of heavy objects

Grasp the weight of heavy objects is extremely important for lifting hook workers. Weight is not considered, not clearly grasp the importance of weight, weight can not be properly equipped with the important reasons for the weight of the loss of weight, lifting a number of lifting hook is an important reason for the general weight measurement methods are as follows:

(1) Calculation method: equipment quality = volume x density volume = area x height

3 Master the weight of the weight

(2) check the nameplate or check the drawings and research. Because the drawings, nameplate only indicate the weight of the main body, generally do not indicate the weight of accessories and containing liquid.

(3) Comparison of experience estimation method: that can not access and calculate the weight of the case of weight-to-material ratio, that is, compared with the size of the known weight of the approximate sum of the number of weight plus the coefficient can also be used for the whole Comparison of Zero Estimation Methods.

Lifting operations staff must be familiar with their height, footsteps size, the size of the tiger’s mouth and other data and the proportion of regular contact with the material, easy to use when there is no data in the actual operation. In short, the lifting operators should experience the estimation method and the scientific method of calculation together to calculate the weight of the actual work in order to facilitate the correct allocation of equipment and tools.

4,Properly equipped with tools and equipment

In the case of tooling equipment, the weight, height, weight, shape, structure, material properties and various complex factors must be taken into consideration. In some lifting operations, also should consider the topographic features, equipment, Buildings and other conditions. The principle of equipping tools is safe and reasonable. There is often a case in which it is unreasonable to insure safety and arbitrarily increase the safety factor regardless of economic efficiency and operational possibilities. Another tendency is to save money and to save money and convenience. While ignoring the safety, in this regard a lot of accident lessons. Safety and reasonable with tools and equipment is a detailed and complex work, the two aspects can not be neglected. To do this, it must be constantly summed up in practice, practice and scientific knowledge will be combined to improve their operational skills. Operation but also meticulous high degree of sense of responsibility.

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