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The electrical safety device of overhead crane:

The electrical safety device of overhead crane:


(1) lighting switch box: to ensure that the work of the scene of the lighting and bell power.

(2) stroke limit switch: to limit the motor-driven machinery in a certain range of operation, to prevent the motor-driven mechanical offside accident.

(3) emergency switch: installed in the driver’s cab next to the accident or emergency circumstances, so that drivers can easily and quickly cut off the control line power.

(4) door safety switch: installed in the door and hatch, to prevent someone from top to bottom crane or go to the crane to work on the table, the driver blindly power transmission accident.

(5) Fuse: protection control circuit short circuit.

(6) over-current relay: to protect the main line and motor overload and short circuit.

(7) Zero contact of the controller: Protects the zero start to prevent the controller handle from starting when it is in the working position. So that the motor itself to run the accident.

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