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European Overhead Crane

The technical advantages of European Overhead Crane anti swing

5 Ton overhead crane

The control principle of load swing is calculated based on the moving time of the swing and lifting height, the swing system automatically correct hook by calculation under the weight of back and forth.

  1. Stability-effectively reduce the material swinging

When the material is in the process of walking, the moving direction of the operation error, fast moving direction change, the Overhead Crane suddenly start or stop and run in the process of acceleration or deceleration, it will create a large swing lift sling. To a large extent reduce the efficiency of the Overhead Crane. For lifting equipment and frequent handling handling industry, reduce the sling swing time, so it is urgent to improve the work efficiency. Install anti swing function EW European Overhead Crane can solve this problem. Operation of large car running frequency conversion technology and EW European Overhead Crane can realize micro speed function, the micro speed function accurately load control, the change of lever action into precise slow moving load. This intelligent function can help the operator to precisely control the load, improve the safety function.


Anti shake not put: start, stop, acceleration, deceleration sloshing serious, workpiece swing distance is about 80cm or so, and requires more than a long time, the workpiece can be at rest. The hook can not be normal hang. And not in a short time from one station to another stable station.

Anti shake input: start, stop, acceleration, deceleration shaking slightly, the swing distance of + 1.5cm, according to the original process requirements in lifting.

  1. Fast-effectively improve the work efficiency.
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