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technical parameters of the Overhead Crane

The main technical parameters of the Overhead Crane
Rated lifting capacity Gn Refers to the Overhead Crane can safely lift the material together with the
sub-spreader or a combination the quality total. For the hook Overhead Crane its rated lifting capacity is
the quality of its safety lifting material. However, the Overhead Crane with a separable spreader (such as
grab, electromagnetic chuck, balance beam, etc.) of the Overhead Crane, the spreader and the sum of the
material quality is rated weight, the mass of hoisting material is the effective lifting weight.
Overhead Crane on the label of the lifting capacity, Usually refers to the rated lifting capacity of the
Overhead Crane. Lifting weights should be prominently displayed on the Overhead Crane structure (this is
one of the contents of the Overhead Crane safety check) to alert the operator to avoid overloading. It
should be noted that, for the jib Overhead Crane type, its rated weight is smaller with the increase in
amplitude. The lifting characteristics of such Overhead Cranes are indicated by the lifting torque, The
nominal value on the tag is the maximum weight at which the boom is at its minimum amplitude. Clearly this
is very important for safe operation of the Overhead Crane.

Lifting height H refers to the top surface of the Overhead Crane running track, Or the vertical distance
from the ground to the limit position on the extraction device. Some Overhead Cranes of the device allows
drop to the ground or track the top of the following, the distance is called the descending depth. At this
time, the hoisting range of the Overhead Crane is the sum of the lifting height and the descending depth,
that is, the vertical distance between the maximum and minimum working positions of the spreader. In the
actual operation of the Overhead Crane, shall not exceed the allowed value of lifting height. Because the
super-limit will be make the hoisting mechanism reel on the rope tail fixed measures overload failure,
will lead to heavy fall accidents.

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