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structure of bridge crane

The basic structure of bridge crane

structure of bridge crane

Generally speaking, both the simple structure and the complex structure of the crane, its basic structure is composed of metal structure, transmission and safety control system of three major parts.

The bridge is composed of two box-shaped main girder, two box-shaped end girders and two girder beams. The main girder is connected with the end girder, and the middle of the two end girders is bolted and detachable. Car weight and external load. There must be sufficient strength, static stiffness and dynamic stiffness to ensure that under the action of the specified load, the main beam in the elastic under the allowable range of flexion will not be deformed, the main beam on the arch is used to offset the work of the main beam The resulting elastic deformation to reduce the car’s climbing, down, and to ensure that the cart drive operating performance.

The end beam is the main force of the bridge crane components, multi-purpose steel plate welded into a box-shaped structure, under the beam in the side of the wheel equipped with a cart, bear the crane in the vertical direction of the load.

There are two sets of symmetrical independent drive devices, the drive device is mainly composed of motor, brake, reducer, wheel and other components, all institutions are used rolling bearing mechanism, all parts between the use of gears coupling, the main passive wheel shaft are supported in the angular bearing box to facilitate the assembly and disassembly.

The small frame is made of steel plate, which is equipped with lifting mechanism and running mechanism.

Hoisting mechanism: bridge crane in the upper part of the small car mounted with a lifting mechanism, a single hook when a separate drive device; there are main, pay two hooks, there are two sets of independent drive device as Hoisting mechanism. In order to ensure the safety and reliability of the work, reducer high-speed shaft equipped with a brake device, the drum at one end of the bearing seat with lifting height limit position.

Car operating mechanism: the car is driven by the motor drive vertical reducer, reducer low speed shaft to drive the way to drive the active wheel, the other end of the motor shaft with a brake.

Safety device: In order to ensure the safety of lifting equipment, to prevent accidents in the lifting operation, the lifting mechanism with a safety device. Common protection devices are: limit switch, buffer, anti-collision device, from the weight limiter.

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