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Steel Wire Rope of Electric Hoist

Reasons for the Failure of Steel Wire Rope of Electric Hoist

Steel Wire Rope of Electric Hoist in the use of the general will encounter several damage reasons

5Ton Electic Hoist

1, broken wire rope, in the use of violent impact led to wire rope running overload, damage, local wear, or wire rope in a serious corrosion, fatigue, speeding, slipping in the case of steel wire rope or a few shares broken.

2, Steel Wire Rope of Electric Hoist distortion, bending, wire rope pulled out from the rope method is not correct, or winding in the drum is not correct, fixed improperly lead to its distortion, bending.

3, lifting the process of relaxation caused by its damage, frequent use of wire rope, the operation of the beam caused by wire rope bent at the rope, and lead to fatigue and fracture of steel wire.

4, Steel Wire Rope of Electric Hoist damage in the lifting operation, in the lifting operation in the use of improper rope, causing its damage or fatigue fracture.

5, Steel Wire Rope of Electric Hoist twist distance from the elongation or shrink, because in the lifting operation of the wire rope is often overloaded, so that the wire rope twist by extrusion caused by elongation or shrink.

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