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Reasons for failure of electric hoist brake shutdown

Reasons for failure of electric hoist brake shutdown

CD Model Electric Hoists

The brake stops when the sliding distance exceeds the specified requirements, the cause is that the electric hoist long-term disabled, some people mistakenly adjust the brake adjusting nut, brake ring or excessive wear of the brake spring pressure decreases, the braking force is reduced, when shutdown, the brake is not reliable, the slide distance exceeds the specified requirements, as long as this situation by manual hoist requirements, re adjust the braking nut. But the work should pay attention to, no adjustment of lift weights, brake, inspection and maintenance.

Sometimes, the adjustment of the brake nut, stop down the distance still exceeds the prescribed requirements, encountered such a situation, it is necessary to consider other reasons

First of all, the first open brake ring, whether the sticky oil check braking surface, such as viscous oil, the friction coefficient decreases, can make the brake slipping, falling distance exceeds the requirements, only adjust the braking nut is of little use when only thoroughly clean the brake surface (easy cleaning with light gasoline), recovery of brake friction coefficient;

Secondly, if the brake ring is loose or damaged, the brake ring cannot guarantee the effective braking, only the replacement of the brake ring; sometimes found the brake ring is not damaged, only the brake ring and the rear cover cone is bad, brake, brake contact force is too small, too small, the decline in distance exceeds the specified requirements, maintenance, in order to increase the braking force, should find out the bad contact position, grinding, contact surface is increased when braking, not grinding, need to replace parts; hoist motor coupling movement is ineffective or stuck, after the shutdown, the brake ring and the rear cover cone is bad or unable to contact the electric hoist braking effect is good bad, this kind of situation, to deal with the coupling for repair or replacement.

In addition, the brake pressure springs for a long time to produce fatigue, so that the spring force becomes smaller, downtime, braking is not solid, you should replace the spring, re adjust the braking force

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