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overhead crane safety protection device

Seven routine inspection of overhead crane safety protection device


(1)Inspection of gantry crane safety protection device

Overload protection device is sensitive and reliable, meet the design requirements, hydraulic overload protection device opening pressure; Mechanical, electronic and integrated overload protection alarm, cut off the power source set point of the integrated error is in line with the requirements

(2)Moment limiter

Moment limiter is a safety device for anti overloading of boom type gantry crane. The sensitivity reliability of moment limiter is checked by the method of increasing or adding weight, and check the torque limiter alarm, cut off the power set point of the integrated error is within the specified range.

(3)Limit position limiter

Check the luffing mechanism of lifting equipment, when the operating mechanism reaches the set position distance, the alarm signal can be generated, and the power source which is operated in a dangerous direction is automatically cut off.

(4)Windproof device

For articulated point height greater than 50 m boom root of gantry crane should be check the anemometer, when the wind speed is set or the wind speed can be accurately alarm. The gantry crane running on the track in the open air should check the reliability of the rail clamping device, the iron shoe, the anchoring device, the deformation of the parts, the defect and the independent work of the device. For the automatic rail clamping device, it is necessary to check the reliability of the wind proof function and the function of the electric interlocking switch in the condition of the non – anchor state.

(5)After the tilting device

For transformer and boom type derrick gantry crane should check the reliability of the backward of device, the sensitivity of electric interlocking, check the luffing location and amplitude of indicator indicating precision.


For different types of gantry crane, gantry crane speed, should check whether the configuration of the buffer is matched, and check the integrity of the buffer, running to both ends can touch the stop.

(7)Protective device

Check all kinds of protective cover, guardrail, guard board, ladder and so on, gantry crane on the leakage may cause winding hurtful, exposed drive; Coupling, sprocket, chain and belt rotating parts with and without shield, the pedestrian on the gantry crane, gym and may have resulted from the leakage position without fence, meets the requirements.

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