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Overhead crane safety

Overhead crane safety operation procedures

one. Overhead crane driver must hold relevant certificates. Demand is familiar to the machine performance, structure, prohibit operation without inspection and don’t have crane inspection certificate of quality. To operate accordance with the principle of safety technical disclosure. After each reconstructed or displacement of the Overhead crane, Before starting the job try to test

two. During operation appear electrical insulation, voltage instability, wire rope wear, mechanical control the abnormal phenomena such as insensitive, should stop immediately, When there is don’t eliminate troubleshooting ,It is strictly prohibited to boot operation

three. Pay attention to listen to the command signal, lifting up, left hook to stability, light and accurate. When lifting heavy ,lifting height can cross obstacle for the standard, Beware of collisions in the course of lifting forward, backward.

four. When the short circuit power outages in the process of operation ,To immediately operating handle or switch to zero. And they need and hanging objects fall to the ground.

five. when working outdoors Winds of more than 6 to stop working, and take the wind reinforcement measures of the machine.

six. In the process of lifting object started to move, should ring the alarm bell, Pay close attention to characters in orbit, Under the lifting heavy objects through the route, It is forbidden for standing.

seven. According to the ’10 not hanging “principle to operate
a. More than the rated load not hanging
b. command signal is not clear, light, heavy weight is unknown not hanging
c. Electric hoist and heavy bundle not firm, does not meet the safety requirements of crane
d. When lifting weights for machining operation is not hanging
e. Lifting heavy weights hang on in the sling not hanging
f. Heavy work pieces standing people, there is activity items not hanging
h. Oxygen cylinder, acetylene bottle with explosive dangerous goods are not hanging
I. With sharp edges, pieces of object was not good mat before hanging(In order to avoid the wire rope wear or even be cut out)not hanging
j. Buried in the ground objects not hanging
L. Not according to the rules of the command not hanging

Eight .Pay close attention to balance, need to periodically evaluate the leveling in the orbit. Hanging around both ends must be equipped with the door blocked rail board and anti collision device

Nine. after work need to tighten hook, put the handle to the neutral position, and will be held crane to specify the location to park, disconnect the power supply, lock the distribution box

ten. To regularly check equipment, the focus is on the door crane each connection point, and do maintenance work

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