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Overhead Crane Installation

The Overhead Crane Installation

The installation of double beam overhead crane must be prepared ahead of time ,For a plant, should be installed overhead crane before in other equipment installation , it can make full use of it for transportation and hoisting equipment installation process;To achieve this plan, need to do the following work;

1)Construction, supervision units and equipment suppliers should cooperate, double beam overhead crane equipment delivery in advance
2)Organization strength, choose the correct construction method,As soon as possible to bridge crane hoisting in place in orbit
3)Cleaning the Double beam overhead crane in the shortest time, gas and electricity test run

The operation of the rail overhead crane show,If track span do not tally with the span of overhead crane, will appear the rolling track phenomenon, wheel and rail wear and tear, and even cause the frequent vibration, big noise.


We saled our double beam overhead crane to Malaysia, our technicians guide the installation work and testing , this project had finished successfully.

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