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metallurgical electric hoist

Precautions for safe use of metallurgical electric hoist

metallurgical electric hoist

(1) Electric hoist shall not lifting heavy weight in the side, prohibit overload use.

(2) in the use process, the operator should always check whether the rope is knotted, dug, wear and other phenomena, if there should be promptly excluded, and often check the guide rope and limit switch is safe and reliable.

(3) in the daily work can not artificially use the limiter to stop the lifting of heavy objects or stop the operation of equipment.

(4) metallurgical electric hoist work is completed, turn off the power switch, cut off the main power supply.

(5) should be set up a special maintenance staff on the main performance and safety status of the electric hoist once a week, found a timely troubleshooting.

(6) motor fan brake wheel on the brake ring, not allowed to stained grease, adjust the nut should be tightened, so as to avoid failure due to brake failure.

(7) electric hoist lubrication parts should be timely and add appropriate amount of lubricating oil, lubricants to be clean, without other impurities.

(8) electric hoist does not work, does not allow the heavy objects hanging in the air, to prevent permanent deformation of parts.

(9) prohibit the simultaneous press of the two opposite direction of the button, the other can be manipulated at the same time.

(10) metallurgical electric hoist repair lifting gear reducer must not use a screwdriver, flat shovel, etc. to fight the surface, the application of wooden hammer gently beat the box protruding part, so as not to damage the box and the lid sealed plane.

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