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How to clean the Gantry crane?

How to clean the Gantry crane?


Cleaning parts is also important for the maintenance and regulation of the Gantry crane. Once the machine isn’t cleaned for a long time, the machine won’t  able to run, and often even failure.

  1. When cleaning the parts of oil, you can use a sharp weapon to scrape away the greasy dirt, then use warm water to soak parts into the water, Pour into the washing solution and use the brush to clean it, then use clean water to rinse and dry. For aluminum parts can’t use strong alkaline detergent.
  2. Cleaning parts of carbon, you can brush off with steel brush, Severe cases can also use a scraper. However, this is not the best way, If conditions allow can use the refund carbon soften carbon deposition, Clean with brush.
  3. Clean parts scale, it is simple, can use hydrochloric acid solution or carbonate scale remover to remove scale.
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