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girder of gantry crane

The main girder of gantry crane fault


The main faults of the gantry crane girder are the main beam sinking and the main beam horizontal bending

1.Main reason of the main girder subsidence is: main girder structure stress, lack of rigid, joint gap is too large; Overload use; Use more than fixed number of year; Heating or heat radiation; Chord or diagonal deformation; Storage, transport, loading way is not correct. In view of the main girder subsidence maintenance methods mainly include: the flame and prestressing two methods to repair; Reinforcement localized

  1. Horizontal bending of main girder of gantry crane

The main cause of the level of main girder bending is: make improper welding technology; Improper storage and transportation. Level for the main girder bending taking maintenance method is mainly by flame rectification and appropriately with puller, top for correction.

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