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Gantry Crane Structure

The Gantry Crane Structure

Gantry Crane Structure
Gantry Crane Structure

Gantry Crane Structure are widely used in open spaces such as open – air warehouses , cargo yards , stations , docks , construction sites , etc . in various industrial and mining enterprises , transportation and construction , etc . , and are used as loading and unloading and handling goods , equipment and installation of building components , etc . Gantry Crane Structure is to reduce heavy physical labor, improve the efficiency of the work, It can lifting vertically and moved horizontally within a certain range. It has the characteristics of intermittent operation and operation circulation , and is divided into a general – purpose gantry crane , a shipbuilding gantry crane and a container gantry crane according to different use of Gantry Crane Structure .

The Gantry Crane Structure is mainly composed of gantry , trolley , large car operating mechanism , operating room , electrical installation and central rail device . Gantry crane door frame is composed of a main beam, and the beam around the legs. Compared with a bridge crane, the main feature of a gantry crane is that it has legs at one or both ends of the bridge frame. It can directly supported on the foundation or along the track laid on the ground, so it is called a bridge crane with legs. Because of the gantry crane with jib, Cargo lifting and convenient change, Don’t need to cover an area of more than, the cost of high bridge pier, and the area of the site can be fully utilized.

The gantry frame of the Gantry Crane Structure often adopts the plate beam structure and the truss structure. Because the structure of the plate beam is convenient, most of the gantry cranes are used at present, and the truss structures are mostly used for the loading and unloading bridges. The gantry crane is divided into three types according to the structural characteristics of the Gantry Crane Structure, such as whole door, half door, single cantilever door, double cantilever door, etc. According to its main beam section type, it can be divided into box single beam, box double beam, truss double beam, ten thousand section truss structure and triangle truss structure beam.

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