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Gantry crane electrical parts

Gantry crane electrical parts selection considerations


If the gantry crane is used as a cable reel, then the electrical part of the gantry crane is equivalent to the wire rope above the cable drum, which directly affects the operation of the crane’s entire hoisting mechanism, that is, the door Crane in the electrical system, in the gantry crane throughout the operating system, occupies a considerable position, plays an indispensable role.

Of course, this requires the staff, whether it is the design department or the manufacturing department, in the course of the work, for the gantry crane electrical part of the selection and design, we must strive for excellence.

So, for the gantry crane electrical parts of the selection, should pay attention to what points?

Whether in the selection of electrical systems or electrical components of electrical equipment, the first consideration is a factor: the power transfer rate. Because when the different size of the connection duration in the run, the electrical system output current or power is not the same, if the power transfer rate is too low, then in a fixed working cycle, the gantry crane electrical system The working time will be short, which of course is not the result we want.

We all know that the number of times the number of power is a gantry crane in a fixed cycle of the number of work, so the choice of electrical components, in addition to the power to consider in addition to the continuity, but also multi-angle thinking about the number of power How much, when necessary, can be appropriate to reduce the motor rated current value.

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