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Gantry Crane cable

Gantry Crane cable selection and use requirements


1, Gantry Crane Suspension use cable car (or cable guide), should prevent the cable was worn and over bending in the movement, for the diameter of no more than 8mm cable, the cable hanging bending plate curvature diameter should be at least Cable diameter of 6.3 times; for the diameter of more than 8mm cable, at least 8 times the outer diameter; for the diameter of more than 12.5mm cable should be at least 10 times the outer diameter; for flat cable, the cable thickness The diameter of the round cable.

Gantry Crane cables should be arranged to ensure that the length of the cable equal to the pressure plate pressure firmly, the same layer of cable diameter as close as possible to avoid a root or a few cables too much force. Suspension cable trolley should be set between each other to pull the wire rope, the operation, when the adjacent two suspension cable trolley spacing between the cable so that the angle between the 120 °, the traction wire rope should be completely straightforward force.

2, the use of cable reel power supply should be prevented during the movement of the cable was worn, the diameter of not more than 21.5mm cable, the cable drum diameter should be at least 10 times the cable diameter; for the diameter of more than 21.5mm cable , The cable drum diameter should be at least 12.5 times the cable diameter.

The Gantry Crane cable of the lifting cable of the lifting machine shall be capable of automatically winding the cable. The driving torque of the cable reel shall not be less than the maximum winding torque required for the winding cable. In the process of cable laying, the traction force acting on the cable conductor should be as small as possible. For cables with no reinforcement core, the maximum allowable tension on the copper conductor cross section is 20N / mm2. For cable winding speed or cable weight Heavier, should be added to withstand the required traction to strengthen the wire rope for the core.

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