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Frequency Converter Hoist

Application of Frequency Converter in Electric Hoist

Europe standard electric hoist

Electric hoist electrical control:

Electric hoist motor drive mechanism is mainly lifting structure, car walking institutions. Because the motor is mainly used with self-propelled squirrel cage type tapered rotor asynchronous motor, especially the walking mechanism are generally used squirrel cage asynchronous motor, it is easy to cause the impact of high current start, equipment, serious impact, noise, affecting the use of equipment Life and positioning accuracy. If the hoisting mechanism in the crane is driven by a frequency converter, the squirrel cage asynchronous motor can be used instead of the winding type asynchronous motor. Squirrel cage asynchronous motor structure is simple, high degree of protection, maintenance workload is small, high reliability for more harsh environments. As the inverter drive, the frequency and voltage are gradually increased or decreased by a certain speed, so the motor starting shock current is small, the speed change is very smooth, the operator is very comfortable operation. Lifting, walking positioning is more accurate, improve the production efficiency.

Electric hoist using the benefits of frequency converter:

Electric hoist driven by the inverter after the machine performance has greatly improved, such as lifting and walking smooth, stable, hanging objects positioning accuracy, according to the needs of the upper and lower, before and after, around, operation can be variable speed, to adapt to a variety of use Occasions, plus the inverter itself is fully protected, such as over current, overload, overvoltage and so on can be timely alarm and stop, reducing the electric hoist failure, improve the safety performance. At the same time, the frequency converter has a current limiting effect, can reduce the impact on the grid when starting, is conducive to the normal operation of other equipment within the workshop. So many advantages, but also shows the inverter in the crane on the wide application of the necessity and trends.

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