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Electric hoist wire rope

Electric hoist wire rope and rope core

5Ton Electic Hoist

Electric hoist with double-wound wire rope, Usually use the rope machine to make several steel wire twisted into stocks, and then use the core as the center, make certain number of shares together, twisting into a spiral rope

(1) electric hoist wire rope wire: from the role of load, electric hoist rope breaking strength depends mainly on the tensile strength of steel wire. The wire is made of cold drawn wire to achieve high strength and resistance to bending toughness. In addition, according to the use of different environmental conditions on the wire surface treatment, so that steel wire rope to enhance corrosion resistance such as micro-electric hoist.

(2) electric hoist rope core: the rope from the role of support to reduce the contact between the wire stress, increase the electric hoist rope elasticity and toughness, storage oil lubrication steel wire to reduce friction to improve service life. Cord core material organic fiber (such as hemp, cotton), synthetic nylon fiber, asbestos core (for high temperature conditions) or soft metal.

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