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Electric Crane Hoist

Practical Electric Crane Hoist speed control method

Low Headroom Electric Hoist

The operation speed of Electric Crane Hoist directly affects the efficiency of the production of construction machinery. Here to provide several practical Electric Crane Hoist speed regulation method, to save time, create more value.

In the process of daily use Electric Crane Hoist, be especially careful to Electric Crane Hoist running speed. Because of the speed of the call, directly affect the efficiency of construction machinery production.

One. Method a, motor rotor resistance speed control. The method has the advantages that the structure is simple, the price is low, the quality is common, and the defect is that the speed change is large and unstable.

Two. Through hydraulic push rod speed, can obtain a relatively stable speed, but its low speed, middle speed soft, and at the time of use must be part of the reform for Electric Crane Hoist mechanical components.

Three. By the method of dynamic braking speed characteristic is can adjust speed gear, and energy is high, the use of safe and reliable, the disadvantage is the assurance of pair of low speed.

Four. By frequency control of motor speed, this is one of the most ideal way to frequency control of motor speed, can realize stepless speed regulation, but also has high control accuracy, easy to use and maintain, and can also remote operation.

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