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Double Hoist Overhead Crane

QE Model Double Hoist Overhead Crane

QE Model Double Hoist Overhead Crane with two trolley is widely used in industrial and mining industries, warehouses, workshops for goods loading, especially applicable to extra-wide, extra-long items. This crane model recommended by the WTO and match international standard GB/T1440 5-93.

Double Hoist Overhead Crane
Double Hoist Overhead Crane

Features of QE Double Hoist Overhead Crane:

  1. Lifting capacity: 5+5t, 7.5+7.5t, 10+10t, 16+16/3,2t, 20+ 20/5t, 32+32/5t, 50+50/10t, 63+63/10t, 80+80/20t, 100+100/20t, 125+125/30t, 160+160/30t, 200+200/50t.
  2. Span : 10.5-31.5m
  3. Working duty A3/A5/A6
  4. Ambient temperature is -25C to +40C
  5. Tooth reducer, imported wire-rope, trinity drive, alarm device to overloading/obliquely hanging, other protection equipment.
  6. Control method: cabin/ pendent/ remote.
  7. We accept the special and non-standard design.

Common configuration of QE Model Double Hoist Overhead Crane

  1. Control methods: Pendant control or remote control, Or Driver’s cabin control.
  2. Drive units: motor +gear box +brake
  3. Safety device: overload limit, travel limit, over speed limt, etc.
  4. Shrouded DSL system for trolley power feeding
  5. Electric control box: standard is CHINT electric, Schneider-electric is for choose .

Advantages of QE Model Double Hoist Overhead Crane

  1. Reasonable structure, light dead weight
  2. Favorable performance, accurate and smooth lifting.
  3. Safe and reliable traveling
  4. Low noise, easy operation,
  5. Convenient maintenance, high exchangeability for parts and components
  6. Main girder: box-shaped girder .
  7. Controlled by push button, remote or cabin.
  8. Forbidden to use in easily combustible, explosive, corrosive and melting metal works.
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