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Nucleon Double Girder Overhead Crane Sales for China high-speed railway

Nucleon Double Girder Overhead Crane Sales for China high-speed railway

A maintenance base for rail vehicles is the place for parking, inspection, maintenance and repair of urban rail transit vehicles such as trains, which is for ensuring the good technical status of vehicles and the normal operation of urban rail transit.

Double Girder Overhead Crane Sales
Double Girder Overhead Crane Sales

Nucleon Double Girder Overhead Crane Sales can be used to lift rail vehicles such as trains, high speed trains, subway trains, cargo trains for inspection and maintenance at maintenance base. This new type overhead crane for train maintenace is designed according to European standard with the following features:

1. Full frequency control, smooth lifting operation, small impact;
2.  technology, Max wheel load reduces 15%~20%, effectively reduce the load swing;
3. Double Girder Overhead Crane Sales Integral machining of structural parts to ensure installation accuracy;
4. Beautiful appearance, light weight, Self-weight is lighter by 20%~30%, Light structure reduces the cost of workshops, low noise.
5. Overall height is 20%~25% lower than traditional cranes;
6. Smaller limiting size increases working range;
7. Every component is standard series and interchangeable;

8. Modularization design, easy for transporting;

Overhead Crane Sales
Overhead Crane Sales

Nucleon Crane Group is a crane manufacturer with well equipped testing equipment and strong technical force. Due to wide range products, good quality, reasonable prices, considerable services and stylish designs, our company has become one of the most competitive crane manufacture for enterprises among crane industry.

Our main products are engineering equipment, including overhead cranegantry cranefoundry craneelectric hoist and winch, etc. Nucleon Crane Group has transformed to a mature manufacturer with advanced technology.

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