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Design Winch

Rope arranging device Design Winch

Wire Rope Electric Winch

Winding device is set up rope device, large capacity rope, large tonnage of the winch and the installation of the use of winch machine, in order to ensure that the wire arrangement neatly, reliable, should be set up rope device.

Design Winch row rope mainly by the clutch, speed adjustment box, two-way drive screw, support light bar, rope guide roller and other components. The rotary motion of the motor is driven by a three-stage conical cylindrical gear reducer, coupling, and open gear drive. Sprocket and reel together with the rotation along the chain drive the movement to the adjustment box, push the clutch, drive two-way screw to start the rotary motion, forcing the rope guide roller for reciprocating linear motion to evenly wound in On the reel.

Obviously, if the wire rope is evenly wound on the reel, the wire rope should be able to move a winding pitch when it is turned, so that it is necessary to ensure an accurate transmission ratio between the reel and the adjustment box shaft The distance between the rope guide roller in the two-way screw lead to the actual rope pitch of the wire rope. The construction of the winch machine wire rope multi-layer winding, wire rope is squeezed when working, winding drum when the arrangement of the rope is slightly larger than the wire rope diameter, the design rope, the base distance can be approximated to take t rope = d + (0.2 ~ 0.5 ) (mm), or larger.

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