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Crane Hook

The safe operation of Overhead Crane Hook

5 Ton overhead crane

  1. The new Overhead Crane Hook shall be subjected to load test, and the opening of measuring Overhead Crane Hook shall not exceed 0.25% of the original opening
  2. The use of the process should always check whether the Overhead Crane Hook cracks or serious deformation, corrosion and wear phenomenon
  3. Each Overhead Crane Hook is tested once a year. Test to 1.25 times the allowable work load for 10 minutes of static test, to check whether there is a crack, crack and other residual deformation.
  4. Wash with kerosene three dangerous section.
  5. The defects on the Crane Hook shall not be repaired.
  6. The Overhead Crane Hook shall be provided with a locking device for preventing the accidental suspension of the hanger.
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