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Crane Gantry Lifting Equipment

Crane Gantry Lifting Equipment

The euro-style multi-function Crane Gantry Lifting Equipment adopt modularization design for lifting mechanism with light weight, alloy-steel forging wheels and intelligent control.

Crane Gantry Lifting Equipment
Crane Gantry Lifting Equipment

Features of euro-style multi-function Crane Gantry Lifting Equipment:

1. Adopt modularization design for lifting mechanism, FEM/DIN standard, light weight

2. High-strength alloy-steel forging wheels

3. No welded legs for profile steel

4. Capsule cab with broad vision

5. Rectangular steel- pipe handrail

6. Hard tooth surface reducer imported from Germany

7. Power supplied by engineering drag chain

8. World’s leading anti-sway control technology

10. Advanced fabricated technology

11. Low-energy and maintenance-free

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