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Converter Electric Hoist

Energy Saving Application of Frequency Converter in Electric Hoist


The national government pay more and more attention to the development of energy-saving emission reduction, and the inverter industry has a good energy-saving potential is widely used, especially in some high energy consumption, high emission engineering machinery and equipment, the application is more extensive, In the electric hoist device also began to use the inverter.

Frequency electric hoist is characterized by small start, stop the impact of the electric hoist because of the smooth operation of the performance, which can reduce the start, stop the impact, especially for the installation of precision molds are not allowed to vibrate the working environment.

Set the lifting speed as required to set the lifting speed between 1/10 rated speed and rated speed to select the most suitable operating speed. In the no-load, the lifting speed can be rated speed to 1.5 times the rated speed between the set to improve the running speed under no load to improve work efficiency.

Set the speed of running the car, you can drive the motor through the inverter frequency control, you can easily run the motor running at a micro speed to improve the accuracy of the operation of positioning, you can also jog operation.

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