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Chinese Gantry Crane

Single Girder Chinese Gantry Crane for Industrial Factory

Single Girder Chinese Gantry Crane is similar to a bridge crane, but instead of moving on suspended runways, the crane uses legs to support the bridge, and the electric hoist. The crane legs travel on fixed rails embedded in, or laid on top of the floor.

Single Girder Chinese Gantry Crane is used in an outdoor or indoor applications where full beams and columns can’t be installed, or may be used below an existing bridge crane system. Wireless remote control frame crane can most commonly be found in shipyards, railyards, special outdoor projects like the construction of a bridge, or in places like steel mills where overhead room may be an issue.

Chinese Gantry Crane
Chinese Gantry Crane

Compact Appearance

Lower Working Noise

Variable Frequency Drive

Special C Steel Trolley for Flat Cable

Easy Installation

Easy Maintenance


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