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China has become an important global crane Market

China has become an important global crane Market


With the rapid development of China economy and infrastructure construction, Chinese has become an important global crane Market. In recent years, petrochemical, energy development, power and other fields, not only led to a sustained and steady China crane market upward, It is to cultivate the birth of a large number of enterprises very strength of the hoisting construction. At present, Chinese lifting industry has emerged a number of considerable scale and strong competitiveness of large hoisting Enterprises. In addition to the full participation in Key projects of infrastructure construction in China, These enterprises will expand their business to a wide range of overseas markets.

Driven by the rapid development of the hoisting field in China, the crane market in China has continued to rise in recent years. At present, China’s crane market has almost gathered all the world’s well-known manufacturing enterprises;  With the increase in the importance of the Chinese market, Most foreign crane enterprises have established assembly and manufacturing bases in China. While promoting the Localization Manufacturing System in China, foreign enterprises have also stepped up their investment in china, To more flexible expansion mode, through expansion, cooperation and other ways to improve the business layout in China.

Faced with the challenges of transnational enterprises and the escalating demand of Chinese users, local enterprises have also made great efforts in product and technological innovation.

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