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Bridge Gantry Crane

The safety technical requirements of Bridge Gantry Crane

European gantry crane

  1. Check the anchor bolt, can not have loose, fall off and broken.
  2. Check reducer box, daily temperature cannot exceed the permitted the bearing temperature. When temperature more than room temperature 40 ℃, should check whether the bearing damage, improper installation or lack of lubricating grease, load time is too long, Operation has or not stagnation, etc.
  3. Check the lubrication parts. When the wire rope electric hoist is used at the initial stage, change the lubricant once every three months, and clean the box, remove metal scrap. After six months to a year, the lubricating oil can’t leak. According to the cleanliness of the lubricating oil, the oil must be moderate.
  4. Pay attention to the gear meshing sound. When the noise is too high or if there is an abnormal sound, the box should be opened to check whether the shaft and gear are damaged or not. Under the normal state noise uniform light, noise less than 85 db (A).
  5. With magnetic or ultrasonic flaw detector check reducer shaft, found that the crack should be replaced in a timely manner.
  6. Bridge Gantry Crane electric hoist shell shall not be out of shape, craze phenomenon.
  7. Bridge Gantry Crane parts in one of the following circumstances, should be discarded.

(1) Gear with crack and broken teeth

(2) The tooth surface pitting damage is up to 30% or depth up to 10% of the original tooth thickness.

(3) The wear of the first meshing gear of the lifting mechanism reaches 10% of the original tooth thickness. Other grade meshing gear wear 20% of original tooth thickness should be scrapped; The wear of the first meshing gear of other organizations reaches 15% of the original tooth thickness, and the other meshing gear wear should be scrapped when the original tooth thickness is 25%; When the gear wear in the open gear transmission reaches 30% of the original tooth thickness, the gear is scrapped.

(4) The shell of the Bridge Gantry Crane decelerator is seriously deformed, and when the crack has no repair value, the piece is scrapped.

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