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Bridge Crane Trolley

The dangers of Bridge Crane Trolley wheel rail gnawing

Bridge Crane Trolley
Bridge Crane Trolley

The Bridge Crane Trolley wheel rail gnawing is mainly refers to the crane in the operation process, The wheel flange of a large or small trolley of the operating mechanism is in contact with the side of the track head, Produce horizontal lateral force, produce serious friction, cause flange to wear and deform quickly. At the same time, the side of the track also produces serious wear. Slight rail gnawing wheel rim and the side of the orbit has obvious traces of wear; Severe gnawing causes flange and track side metal to flake or deform outwards.

  1. Reduce the service life of wheels
  2. Wear track

The wheels rail gnawing increases the wear of the track, Severe cases will orbit grinding out the steps, until the change of orbit.

  1. Increase the running load
  2. The impact on the rail clips

Due to the crane wheels chew, inevitably produce horizontal lateral force, The lateral force causes rail lateral displacement, the fixed rail bolt looseness, linking piece fall off, It causes the track to bend inward or outward, makes the gnawing more serious, and causes the whole vehicle to vibrate greatly.

  1. run off the rails
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