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10 Ton Bridge Crane

10 Ton Bridge Crane Africa Order

 Dated 19, October., 2018, Nucleon Crane Group signed the contract about 3 sets 10 Ton Bridge Crane equipment with our Africa customer, which LH model Double Girder 10 Ton Bridge Crane (3 sets LH10t-18.4m H=9m). According to the schedule, these 10 Ton Bridge Crane will be delivered in December, 2018.  After test and inspection, the 10 Ton Bridge Crane will serve the customer in the workshop.

In September 2018, Nucleon Crane Group began to contact Africa customers and successfully signed orders with customer in 19 October 2018. Excellent advanced technology, rich experience accumulation and good market reputation make Nucleon Crane Group enlarge the Africa Bridge Crane market again. Nucleon Brand cranes have been exported to many many countries in Africa such as Congo, Tanzania, Kenya, South Africa, Ethiopia, Ghana, Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Uganda, Angola, Zambia etc.

10 Ton Bridge Crane
10 Ton Bridge Crane

We trust our 10 Ton Bridge Crane design meets your requirements. Should you need any further information, please contact the undersigned.

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