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What is the harm of electric hoist brake?

What is the harm of electric hoist brake?

Electric hoist is generally installed in gantry crane, overhead crane, Underslung crane. A little transformation, also can be used as a hoist. So, it is necessary tool to improve labor efficiency, and working conditions. electric hoist reversing the brakes which harm it, the following is given the description:

1, if the high-speed operation of the motor a force in the opposite direction, it will cause a strong impact, burn the motor.

2, the brakes will cause a strong friction between the gear impact, triggering equipment accidents.

3,when the electric hoist hanging in the crane, the crane weight so much, if suddenly give it a reverse force, electric hoist because of strong inertia and have a great torque, will cause the transmission system, and the fuselage damage .

4, the lifting of heavy objects will be rocking shake, fall accidents occur.

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