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Used Bridge Crane

Workshop used bridge crane
Type: LDA model bridge crane
Lifting capacity: 1-20ton
Span: 7.5-31.5m.
Non-standard design can also be availiable according your requirement.

1. The bridge: travels on the rail;2. The hoist : travels on the bridge and lifts 3. The rail: tied to the building structure
Product Details of Workshop used bridge crane

1. Main beam: One-time- forming on the main girder. This results in lower dead weight with a high degree of vertical and horizontal rigidity and smaller wheel load being transmitted to the crane runway. Which also can reduce distortion in conveying; make sure the accuracy; improve the machine’s strength and working efficiency. One-body shaped, No welding for main beam box!
2. End carriage: Crane travelling system, Motor-Reducer-Wheel driven system! motor used soft start motor which result in very stable starting!
3. Lifting mechanism: Monorail electric hoist. There are two kinds could be optional, CD model with single lifting speed, MD model with double lifting speed!
4. Electrical equipment: Electric systems are Siemens brand or Schneider brand!
5. Motor: motor brand for hoist and traveling are the top brand in China!
6. Gear box:ZQ gearbox.
Operation Mode of Workshop used bridge crane
Ground handle; remote control; cabin (open and closed)

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