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Used Bridge Crane Manufacturers

Steel Factory Used Bridge Crane Manufacturers

Factory Used Double Beam Bridge Crane is widely used in smelting workshops of electrolyzing nonferrous metal, aluminum and magnesium.

This Factory Used Double Beam Bridge Cranes constituted by box-type main girder, crane traveling mechanism, trolley and electrical parts.

To prevent the current passing through the lifting mechanism to the crane and threatening the operator’s life, parts of the crane are protected by insulation treatment. The crane work level is heavy duty, so the main lifting is equipped with dual braking in order to ensure safe production.

Steel Factory Used Bridge Crane Manufacturers
Steel Factory Used Bridge Crane Manufacturers

Features of Factory Used Double Beam Bridge Crane:

  1. Three parts are insulated to ensure the security on the hook, pulley, lifting mechanism, trolley frame and the crane;
  2. The impedance of each insulation is not less than 1 mΩ at 20℃~25℃ room temperature and humidity is less than or equal to 85%.
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