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electric hoist trolley

Nucleon ND type Trolley Electric Hoist

This series of Nucleon ND type Trolley Electric Hoist applied 11 patent technologies. This series of products are designed with frequency control of motor speed, small impact and it can realize accurate position. Equipment with intelligent monitoring recorder which is similar to the “black box” of plane, it can uninterruptedly record crane working status information and prevent false operation.

Trolley Electric Hoist
Trolley Electric Hoist

Nucleon ND type Trolley Electric Hoist

1.The lifting capacity is from 1T-80T
2.The max of hook is 100m
3.Two lifting speed of frequency conversion, fast and accurate position
4.Walking frequency conversion control, small impact
5.Compact limiting size
6.Compact structure, small blind spot
7.Low headroom designed


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