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Traveling Gantry Crane

Rectification Scheme of Long Traveling Gantry Crane

single beam gantry crane

Abstract: The continuous development of lifting industry has also made higher requirements for the Long Traveling Gantry Crane. Due to uneven rails, motor drive inconsistencies and other reasons, will cause the car to walk inconsistent situation, in other words, the crane appears unstable and unsafe factors that may cause serious consequences of cranes collapse.

working principle:

1, display: photoelectric sensor records the specific wheel position, through the transmission cable, transmission to the control system, through system operations and testing, the results sent to the display system, display system shows the specific location of the cart and legs deviation distance;

2, the detection bias: the control system to the car left and right behavior reference, the left line, the biased legs, faster outrigger transmission of larger data, the system is defined as the advance and the outrigger The leg is displayed; the right line, the legs biased, faster legs out of the smaller data transmission, the system is defined as the legs ahead and this leg is displayed;

3, correction: the bias of the legs to the user preset bias, the alarm and control system output corresponding bias signal, will cut off the legs faster multi-speed, deviation of the legs to correct the end of the request, the two legs are restored Normal speed operation. In case of special circumstances, when the deviation reaches 3/1000 of the span, the control system will cut off the running of the cart, realize the parking, artificial correction, so the cycle to correct the effect.

Function: record crane steel legs and soft legs in the track running position, including the left and right lines; have guaranteed accuracy is less than the correction of pre-set unit; with power failure memory function; data initialization function; debugging function; alarm function; can play black box The role of easy to find the cause of the accident. In general, not only correction, but also to monitor the cart walking situation.

Role: monitoring whether the bias; adjust the steel legs, soft legs back to nature. Therefore, it is of great significance to install and correct the carts on the large-span gantry and overhead traveling cranes, and to prevent and eliminate the phenomenon that the cart runs or bite the rails.

6, the link flange 2 (optional) 7, 2 sets of mounting brackets; 2, 2 sets of sensors; 3, the coupling 4; 8, a set of certificate drawings and brochures; how to correct the deviation after purchase to provide drawings and technical support.

Traveling Gantry CraneTraveling Crane

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